Loading Zones

Unload Your Gear Safely
at These Stations
& New Food Delivery Zone

There are four curbside loading zones set up to facilitate unloading, loading and food delivery.

Please Review Food Delivery Guidelines.

Loading Zones 2023

Four curbside loading zones enable you to unload and load your car safely. Plan to pull over at any of these locations:

  • C Avenue at Sixth Street
  • C Avenue at Seventh Street
  • Seventh Street at Orange Avenue
  • Orange Avenue midway between Sixth and Seventh streets

Loading zones are operational from two hours before each concert’s scheduled start time up until one hour after its scheduled closing time.


Food Delivery Guidelines

Only for food that has been previously ordered and paid for from a Coronado restaurant for delivery to a named individual who must be waiting at Seventh Street to retrieve food

  • No resale of food will be allowed at the concerts
  • Coronado restaurants MAY use food delivery parking spot up to 5 minutes at any one time
  • Coronado restaurants MAY NOT use general concert loading zones at any time for food delivery
  • Coronado restaurant drivers MAY NOT leave delivery vehicle unattended
  • CPC does not man the location or have information about specific food orders or delivery
Coronado Food Delivery Rules and Location