Concert Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Please Keep Our Concerts Safe, Healthy, and Clean

No Smoking. Coronado parks and beaches are smoke free.

No Dogs allowed at any time in Spreckels Park but are allowed on the outside sidewalk grassy area.

No Solicitations and/or leafletting.

NO FIRES or BAR-B-QUES are allowed.

No “Staking out” or attempting to reserve space prior to 3:00pm. Unattended personal property in Spreckels Park may be removed.

No Running or jumping around the stage area.

No Throwing of any objects during set up, concert and take-down period in the park. We ask that play take place at the playground, located in the southwest corner of the park between 7th and C Avenue. Parents, relatives, guardians and caregivers are responsible for the children they bring to our concerts. Please do not allow children to engage in any activity that could harm themselves or others.

Be Considerate.  Don’t set up umbrellas or tents which block someone else’s view. Be understanding when someone wants to step on the corner of your blanket to navigate the crowded park and we strongly hope to keep the Concerts in the Park a politically free zone!